Friday, May 18, 2012

Volume I, released!

After quite some time and work, here's the first real release!

This is Volume I, covering the prologue through the first half of Chapter 5. Many thanks to all who participated in development and contributed help and material.

UPDATE 5/30/12: The download for this release has been updated to include a few bug fixes. Issues corrected include: SFX volume is now persistently settable, the plain/vanilla setting is back in the options screen, and whether or not to autoscroll the preview is now an option.

UPDATE 2013/06/19: Mediafire kicked us off for using multipart archives, so now we just have torrent files. On the bright side, we now don't have to worry about multipart archives anymore, since no file size limit.


MD5 sums:

722eca403adc7d4d4d6fb937d5945ca2  KBDH-VN-1.01.part1.rar
b5e5a910b3f1c611fdd50f149117a8fd  KBDH-VN-1.01.part2.rar
1321589db44c31f2c83d8286eb5b52fd  KBDH-VN-1.01.part3.rar
17f0efe4dbfaf036bead7f036cce928d  KBDH-VN-1.01.rar

The download is packaged as a multi-part RAR archive; make sure all the files are in the same folder, then unarchive the file 'KBDH-VN-1.01.part1.rar'.

If you still have the original Volume I release, the change patch containing only the files that have been altered or added are available here:

MD5 sum for the change patch:


When applying the patch, please ensure that the change patch is unzipped into the same directory that contains both your 'game' directory and the file 'KBDH-VN.exe', and that you choose to replace all files.

We're already hard at work on Volume II, and are still interested in recruiting more team members. If you think you can lend a hand, especially if you're an artist, or know one, we'd love to have you aboard.

If you need to know more, or just feel like chatting, feel free to pop into IRC at, channel #bdh-vn. Our forums are located here if you want to keep an eye on progress.

Enjoy the game, and stay tuned for what's to come!


  1. Part 1 is blocked by mediafire for being a partial download, I really appreciate your work.

  2. What will you do now that the download is done? If I pull the Git repo, do I get something playable?

  3. Pulling the Git repo should lead to something playable; it'll just start on the unpolished later content instead of giving you a snazzy "coming soon" animation. I still have the files for this release, but no place to host them, and interest in this is not high enough that I feel like exhaustively searching one out. (If you do pull the repo, you may wish to set "developer" to false in the config file; that'll make the keymap fully compatible with other Ren'py games.

  4. Please fix the download links, as stated above both links 1 and 2 get error messages.

  5. I wann download this but i don't know how to. What should i do in order to download the video game?

  6. The magnet link should work. Acquire a Bittorrent client; I use Transmission. Then either click the link (should work if your browser recognizes the scheme) or copy its location and paste it into the torrent client.